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There are a series of 3 web pages to read and 1 agreement to fill out at designated links plus 1 EBay info link.

Retailers : 

    Many times a store or club or small shop or new business will ask if we can sell products at a discount other than shown. Many products online and not online allow us to sell to other Retailers and have for years, but some are already cut so that we cannot go any less. We understand that most Manufacturers have minimums that can cramp your budget or are have a product out of a thousand that you sell but more that you don't or a case might be many years of the supply you don't need collecting dust.


   Many Commercial Stables, Flea Marketers, Jockey Lot sellers, Clubs, Animal Stores and Hardware Stores need to buy only what they want or their customers will want to make some extra money or keep their customers happy. Breeders and Farms can make extra money when offering halters, waterers or accessories when the sell is made. Pet boxes for those selling at flea markets or Beaches.

 Other Info :

   Once you have been approved you may sell what products you wish. The discount will vary from category to category and sometimes product to product, but you will know up front so you will know how to price the products to your customer. 

  Buying :

    The E-Commerce store will have automatic discounted prices only you can see. Also we are building Super Special Pages where as they become available we post them at a specific URL. These must be faxed in or use the special order form if a credit card is on file.

    If in Tennessee you must either submit a Business Tax Id number or SSI in place of that. Do not Email this information. You must Fax or Mail it to us. Out of Tennessee we do not charge Tax so these numbers are optional until laws are passed otherwise. We will not ask you for your Business Lic. # as many that sell at Flea Markets & Jockey Lots may not have but if you are in TN we must account for wholesale unless you want to pay tax on the product. We will issue you a Buyer Number for Phone, Fax Orders. Online you must Log In. Fax or Phone you will have to give your Buyer Number. 

   When looking in the Web Store you will see the regular prices until you Log In, them Your Individual Discount will show in the "View/Buy" link at the bottom right of the page. You total price with your discount will be at the bottom of the page. This discount is only seen by You and Us and should stay that way. Different Discounts will apply to different product sub categories. It will take about 1-2 weeks to implement you discounts as they are hand keyed into your name. To protect our other Retailers we will not quote you a discount on the phone. Also we will not place total prices in the shipments to your customers if should you choose to drop ship.  

      After these are set up you may Fax, Phone or Order Online you orders. Online is preferred. We can either ship to You or your customer for you if you prefer. You make a little, we make a little and we're all happy.

EBay Sellers:

    Ask us before you list certain products. Many products are either seasonal or change frequently, some items are limited and some may have several people selling more than we have in stock. To the buyer or auction winner, getting it late is just as bad as not at all. One of the main requirements Ebay has is that you have them and can ship quickly.  This will also determine your Feedback. Once Feedback is placed it can not be changed. Your Feedback will determine who will buy from you. While you are not obligated to purchase it, we insure that we hold back up to 1 item that you will be placing up on Ebay in stock for 8 days, after that it will be released back into inventory for sales. We will ship it for you. Even more click here.

Our Fax : 865-674-2870 

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