Tip O The Day   By Anthony 

   I hear a lot about religion...and why not, after all I live in the "Bible Belt" but somehow we are changing religion. There are words not frequently used that were once common. I think they'll be common again soon as the meaning will have faded and can be replaced with a new twist, you know, make it more appealing to today's people. Here is just one I thought of today.

Grace : This is a free gift from God to each of us. Now here are some examples with political correctness. 

Fat. When you see someone fat, it is by Grace it isn't you. Diet helps but in no way is it enough.

Crippled. It is by Grace you are able to walk, not luck, not clean living but Grace.

Ugly or unappealing looks. By Grace it is not you and even then you may be ugly to someone else. Looks are vain and fading on the outside and like a fruit will eventually peel away exposing the true fruit inside. 

These are Give mes. Here are some you probably didn't think of.

 A Drunk or Alcoholic. For whatever reason if your not then it is by Grace you aren't. Either something has happened to cause it or possibly the up bringing they had. You are not better, just more fortunate. 

  Scared or extremely to mildly disfigured. Even if the person was doing something wrong when it happened, it is Grace it is not you. 

 Retarded or just not quite bright. will Rogers once said: "Everybody's ignorant, only in different subjects". These people were called gifted by American Indians and possibly that may be that they are intelligent and close to Heaven more so that we that are considered normal. Heaven is not normal and well...just think about it. Simple. 

Poor. Don't think that people do not work hard and that's why they are poor. While it may be the case in rare instances it is the exception. Many of hard working, honest, intelligent people are poor and actually these may just very well be the traits of poor. The Bible speaks well of poor and harsh of rich. Most rich people I know are poor in spirit.   

  Abortion. It is by Grace that you do not have to make the decision and twice so if your child doesn't. While there are some that do so willingly as convince, I think most are not. There may be many many underlying things that have drawn them to that conclusion. I once dated a girl that got pregnant when a young teenager by her employer, she was the babysitter. She got an abortion at early teenage years, something that would haunt her forever. Needless to say I was young and stupid and felt like I was a better person, looking back I was worse for I had judged her.

There are so many other things out there that happen bad so I have learned that old saying : " But By the Grace of God go I". So tonight while you pray or at least the next time you pray don't forget to that Him and pray for those not fortunate and not Graced that they be Graced by God. Remember not to judge because however you judge somebody you will one day be judged and the will be no appeals, no higher authority and one Hell of a tomorrow waiting for you.