Tip O The Day   By Anthony 

  Old Tip O Day -  Grace

  Living and Life. 

  It's funny the response I get from people when they find out I have cancer. They tend to shy away or feel compelled to deign it. Often I get the response of "I'm Sorry, it will get better or they will find a cure". I admit, at first I was angry, sad and scared. But no longer. Yea sometime the fear or anger comes back, but only briefly. You see, there are things I thought I understood before but never really did. I'm pretty much at peace now. 

  We all go through life being taught from birth some pretty wrong stuff. I do believe in hard work but there is so, so much more. I looked at all I had achieved. I sold the first live bird on the internet, had a successful internet company, built my own home, barns, have a diploma in Auto Mechanics and Electronics, broke speed records at UPS, have a farm, helped people buy and sell homes in real estate as an agent, own 14 cars presently, built ponds, created beautiful landscapes. Yep, I had done a lot successfully but achieved nothing. There is not much I can't do. But I wasn't totally living, truth is I was dead. I was proud, I had pride in my accomplishments.  

   January 31st, 2005 as the doctor's voice faded, pain of Biblical proportions, a cold set in, a cold unimaginable, a different cold one that can only be felt, not described. As I lay there helpless and dependant, feeling my body quit a few things went through my mind. All that I had achieved was in vain. All that I had prided myself on could not stop this death. Now this isn't the secrets of the universe but it taught me a lot. In time however we go back and the memory fades but should that line be crossed, you will be different forever. 

  By July 1st, 2005, we met with another doctor for biopsy results. Cancer. Being in the blood, there is nothing to take out. The doc thought I took it well but had she have known the significance of January 31st, she would have known why. Over a period of time I researched. I discovered so much corruptness on the part of the government and corporations it still scares me. I went through many emotions. So if you have this stuff, don't worry, it's normal to do that. Whatever you do, learn about everything you can. Not only did I learn this but I had plenty of heart to heart talks with the God. here is what I have learned. 

  We live in a time of "what about me" and "don't you deserve it". All my accomplishments, all that I own, all that I have done in the physical world were for naught. For the first time I feel good, not physically but overall. I am at peace yet I am at war. Even this writing will not be forever remembered, nor will all that I have done, and that is how it should be. Someone will ultimately use the knowledge on my animal writings which will help them and they will add something new. The source will be forgotten but the new information will be passed on. My name will fade in the world, except for my children and new names will replace it, and that is how it should be. You should not be remembered. This is life but not being alive. It is not the reward. It should not be sought after.        

     Seeing my early (some will say) demise coming has lifted the world off my shoulders. No longer will I worry about retirement, social security or what I will do. When I buy something I ask if it will be needed and if so will it last longer that I, if it serves the purpose then they can keep the newer improved models unless it serves my descendants. Can they use it? We are taught from birth to work hard, and so we should but not as hard as we do. Owning that new car, that big house so hard to pay for will not satisfy you, especially if your working so hard to pay for it you don't have time for the stuff and people that really matter. If your working for someone like UPS that demands that you be so exhausted and so many hours that you simply come home to collapse and hurt. This serves the companies that are greedy. Remember, you can only serve one God. We are taught but churches, companies and governments, especially ours that this is right, this is God's will and we're bad if we reject or question it. It is not truth. People working for these greedy, profitable places that conspire to do their bidding being hard on fellow employees will one day answer which God did they serve. Mark you deeds and words well for God is. 

  If only one person is struggling, one person is hungry, one person has fallen we have all fallen. If you can pass a homeless person, hungry person without feeling sympathy and helping you are not ready to go. If with a full belly you can sleep at night without feeling guilty and fortunate you better pray you live a while longer. People struggling, while they may have made some bad choices that may have brought it upon themselves but we are expected to help, not judge, for we all have made bad decisions. If you are comparing yourself to another human, you have fallen short. If you live for only you, then you have already died. Should justice ever prevail, we will all be in Hell. Pray for mercy and give mercy. 

  I watched and bought, something I seldom do the movie V for Vendetta,  I would recommend you do the same for it has truth all over it. My kids asked if I were afraid of anything one day. I responded, nothing of this world for it can only take my life from my body, which is easy and means nothing. If you live in fear of disease, death, pain, poverty or anything other than God, you are already dead. If you can't see a beautiful day from that morning, the faults not in the day....it is in you. If you live for yourself, a company or a country...your already dead. If you do not share pain from a fallen person....your already dead. If you succeed while your brother fails and you do not help him...your already dead. So it is and always has been until we changed it. 

  I have been blessed. When people say I'm sorry I usually respond, "Don't be. I have lived far more dying than I ever did when I thought I was living". One in two will contract Cancer. 1 in 2. Don't be fooled into placing your belief that there will be a cure, there has been several for many years, they are just not allowed here in the USA. I'm not sure that I'd take one. This world was given to the devil's and so it belongs to demons. It is not, nor was ever meant to be our goal. Other than physical pain, after the emotional pain has left, it may very well be the largest blessing you will receive. We are by nature impure and then taught more impurities by our governments, companies and many religious leaders and so we are not suitable for life afterwards, this may very well be our chance to live. I know that for me I laugh at those who are so concerned with tomorrow when today's problems should suffice or those who are downing the different rather that living along side them. We waste so much precious time on such trivial things. What you do, you answer for, not me so as long as it doesn't directly effect me I could care less, save should you fall and need help. Then, without judgment I am bound to assist. I watch and feel sad only when watching this dog eat dog world try and collect, advance and get ahead of this world materially or job status wise. When all is all, you have earned your rewards which you will not be able to take when your breathe leaves your body and all you have done is for naught, save for the deeds and actions you have done. With empty hands and heart you entered, with empty hands and full heart you leave, your decision what the heart is full of. At the risk of sounding crazy I was told to tell this...and so I have. Do with it what you will.