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Our Rescue Program at G&K Pet Store

We know that sometimes unavoidable circumstances you may either have too many or can no longer care for pets or animals. We do take in some animals while not able to take others. I know you love your pets and want them taken care of in a good home and they deserve it so that's why we do it. To contact us simply call or email us. Contact page is here. What's available Click Here. For the ones we don't take try our free Ad Service. Listed below are what we can take. This is sort of new for us yet we have silently done this for years. Read below the list to find specifics. No animal is put down here.

Birds - Yes. We know how to care for and the proper equipment to care for until a nice home can be found. Either inside or outside birds.

Cats - Yes. As long as they are healthy we will not turn away any.  

Dogs - Yes/No Due to our dogs and safety for other animals, we can't. However Misty will accept small dogs up to a number. (naturally only a small number of dogs can be maintained). See Misty Click here

Waterfowl - Yes. Everybody locally seem to donate us ducks shortly after Easter. You may either place them over fence at duck pond or by Blue Stock Trailer. Everybody gets fed.      

Horses/Equine - Yes. We have the land and buildings and knowledge to maintain them.

Small Animals - We have proper equipment & knowledge to maintain small animal pets. Anything mammal.

Sheep/Goats - Yes. We can properly maintain these as well. 

Large Animals - Yes. There is not much we can not house here. 

Reptiles - No. Everyone except Megan is afraid of. There is proper equipment, just not knowledge.

Insects - Depends.  

Aquatic - Yes. (except saltwater). We do not have a salt tank established. 


Our facilities :