G&K Pet Store -- Red Belly Piranha Fish


Red Bellied small  
Red Bellied med  
Red Belly large  

These are Void where prohibited by law.  These are not the Pacu but the actual meat eating Piranha. 

These can only be sold where allowed. The Red Belly Piranha are not as mean as they are told to be when properly fed. Yes they have my respect. You can not place Piranha in with anything else I know of. The stuff at the top of the tank is Duck Weed. We get Piranhas when are we are able to buy them depending upon space. The only Piranha we sell are Red Belly for now and I do not see that as changing. Personally I think they are great. Not safe for kids to own. These are not the Vegetarian look alike. To buy Piranha from us you must be 18 or have parents present. Red Belly Piranhas must be legal in your state.  

Price shown means in stock as of these publishing.