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Hours Of Operation :

  Our hours are simple. Exceptions Read Below

Store Hours :

 Saturdays after 1:00pm until close. Basically I'll be there until you quit coming. I have been there as late as 2:00am or closed as early as 4:00 pm. 

   Sundays are occasional. Monday - Friday closed.  

Office Phone - 865-674-0295. Most evenings 8:00pm -11:00pm Est.

  We do not use roll over lines. We do not use a system that that wants you to eventually press every key. It is the Standard phone system. It does have call waiting. If you do not get a busy signal, answering machine and it continues to ring we are on another call. Please Call Back later and you will get the same undivided attention as the last person did. We do not return phone calls due to time and expense. 

Store Hours : Saturdays after 1:00pm until close. Basically I'll be there until you quit coming. 

  Please call 865-674-0295 number. Also a Printable Map is provided at the home page. 

Fax Numbers - 865-674-2870 

Pretty much says it all

Home Phone - 865-674-6318 after 8:00 most evenings.

  Feel free to call me and order or ask questions on products or pet heath issues or treatments or just to say HI and B.S. No I will not get mad. At one time this was our only number to contact. 

Email gkpet@bellsouth.net  . 

    To be honest I have a hard time answering email because of the time factor. Those with sick birds need to use the telephone as time is of the essence. Also if an item is one of a kind purchase, such as used or one time buy, it may very well be sold before we connect this way. NEVER SEND anything private like card numbers email. We also do not accept attachments, our computer deletes them immediately. Be sure to give us as much info as possible if you use email. 

  Lastly the Exceptions :  

  Now the exception. If you should have an emergency. Incubator down, Filter Down, Ran out of Food , Sick animal, Forgot present for special event etc and you need us open late....Call and I'll be there. Unfortunately not everything happens within a convenient hour. Sometimes we forget something and that's where we come in at. You are not pressured or obligated to buy anything. No animal should have to wait, go hungry, loose life or nobody should be in the dog house for forgetting. No present should be late. You thought this would be bad.