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  How we buy our Birds & Fish   


 We do have commercial wholesalers we buy from but being an old farm boy I still like to buy from actual breeders when possible. Since we are trying to attract local business I think it is important to support local breeders and hobbyists by doing business when we can.   

Our priorities. 

  We are not a conventional pet store. Online sales comprises that largest part of our sells. As such we must remain competitive with large online companies in price and quality. This can sometimes hinder buying from local breeders as conventional pet stores can pay a higher price and resale it for higher.  The longer we keep the pet the more feed and time and equipment we have invested. For as cold as this may sound it must remain profitable for a business to continue. We will not at the expense of the pet's well being cut corners in care while in our charge so basically we will discontinue to sell a pet that does not do well in sales. 

  What We Don't Buy :

   We do not buy Dogs, Cats or Reptiles. There are Free Classified Ads that you may post on our site and at our store. I have seen too many Cats & Dogs abandoned after the "Cute Puppy/Kitten Phase" has passed. You need to visit the Breeder, see the adult (s) and talk with the Breeder. This will also place out large commercial Dog and Cat breeding horror stories as we see on TV of abuse. Always buy from the breeder first as your pet will be a large part of your lives for a long time. We don't buy Reptiles simply because of a fear I have of them. We can order them for you but you must be here to receive them when they are delivered.   Again we have a Classified Ad section that is free for you to use.    

What We Do Buy :

   We Do Buy local Birds as we need them and if a breed sells well we will buy what you produce based upon the demand for them. Finches, Cocktails, Parakeets, etc...

   We Do Buy local Tropical Fish and other aquatic pets maybe eventually Marine Fish, etc...

   We Do Buy local Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, etc.

We do business in 2 different ways .

  1. Buy.
  2. Trade.

After a larger building is built we will also do consignment. Currently we don't have the room, sorry.

  We do not sign exclusive contracts with any one person or business to buy solely from them. Each purchase is made based on the last purchase. We will not ask you to sign an exclusive contract with us either.