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Here is the Specs outlined on this :

 Products We can not offer this on Poultry, Gamebird equipment, any Foods ( except fish) or Aquariums. There just isn't enough mark up to allow us to do this. Larger items such as Netting or any that the E-Store cannot figure is also excluded. Due to restrictions from Harley Davidson no products with their logo may be sold wholesale to you. Products change frequently, especially in the dog/cat area. If should they become unavailable to us or we run out of stock we will notify you. Also please note products that are special ordered and allow 2 weeks for processing. There will be "FV" applied to products on sale that are final value. You must buy these within the time frame we can get them or until we run out. ( Mfg's run special sales monthly ). You may sell something totally different than most do and if so it will have to be special ordered during that time. In stock items will remain until discounted inventory is depleted.       

Commission Rate : 20% of what you sell in products. Shipping is exactly what is shown as we receive no discounts on shipping. 

 Drop Shipping : We are happy to drop ship for you. Simply fill your information in the Bill To and your customers info into the Ship To. There is no extra charge for this. If you want your company's Label you must supply us with it. We do not contact your customers or solicit to them in any way. You may Print and fax, mail, order online or if we have your credit card numbers on file email. Do not Email Credit Card Numbers.   

Orders : Orders must total 20.00 product (except PayPal, no minimum). This total may be obtained by combining more than one order to total 20.00. Mark somewhere order 1 & order 2 , etc somewhere in the secondary address field to let us know to combine them for your minimum amount. If you want it shipped to your address simply put it in the Ship To field.  Multiple orders must be done the same week in order to count together. Occasionally we have some items  (example some cages) where as a case of say 6 is less money you can have shipped to 6 different places if you wish for the lower price. If you want your company's Label you must supply us with it. We do not contact your customers or solicit to them in any way. You may Print and fax, mail, order online or if we have your credit card numbers on file email. Do not Email Credit Card Numbers. 

Shipping Charges :  You are responsible for collecting shipping charges from your customers. The charges on most products  are usually shown by our E-Store. Occasionally the E-Store loses contact with UPS Servers and you will have to retry or it may not be able to figure. In that case you may email us the zip code to be sent to for a quote. The shipping charges are solely your responsibility to collect from your customer, you are our customer and we will collect them from you. We do not have a handling fees or packing fees. Again, what you and your customers works out is totally up to you. Everything that ships from here is insured, no exceptions. 

Extra Deals :  Monthly we will offer extra savings on selected products. As they are discounted to us, we discount them to you. These discounted prices are the final price and can not be combined with any other discounts. You can select to stock or not. As stated before example case of 4 may be shipped to 4 different places to get the lowest price as long as it is done within 24 hours of first order. 

 Billing : We have tried 30 day billing and this has not worked for us. You must have either a credit card or M.O. or PayPal . Warning, if you submit a M.O. and do not include the correct shipping, it will be returned. We will also accept checks locally and from all others. Checks must clear the bank before we ship. Overdraft change will apply of 30.00 per returned check. 2 or money insufficient funds check returns and you will not be able to use this method again. 

Out Of Stock Products : We try and determine what will sell but sometimes may miss it. We have 1 Distributor that works with us on getting it out from their location. Other Distributors we get loads as needed by tractor trailer, average time is about 1-3 weeks depending upon sales and outages. Some manufacturers are monthly ordered as an order must meet their minimum that is usually anywhere from 200-1000 per shipment. We have to buy in quantity from these. Special fit or color or monogrammed items please allow  4-6  weeks.   

  Deleted Products : Manufacturers and Distributors do delete products without prior notice to us. If this happens, we will contact you. Many times we still have a few in stock.

 Closed Dates : Christmas order must be to us by Dec.5th. Orders after that date, we will email you if your orders cannot be delivered by Christmas. We are closed Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Memorial Day.  There are no exceptions to these. During the summer we will be closed for 1 week vacation. These are known closures. We do not anticipate having another year of disasters as we have had in 2003 but that's up to mother nature. We have however changed much of the computer set ups and the physical store flaws that lead to the flooding.   

  Order Processing : We process orders Daily during heavy times and 3 times a week during slower times.

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