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  About Us:

Who Are We? 

About Us 

  Margaret Goforth First Realty for farm waterfront lake access mountain view land in tennessee  

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Denise --   Annie  --   Megan  --  Gene  --   Margaret --  Anthony ----Misty  --  Matt  --(Mark not pictured)

   We started a hatchery in 1990 with a Breed Sheet. In 1994 we had our First catalog...sort of, adding a few products a few years later to a larger paper catalog. We ran this from our home. Growing more into products until what you see now. My whole thought was to offer people selection to proper equipment and at a decent price. In 2002 we started phasing out our hatchery due to time to properly care for our live friends.  We started on the Web in 1997 and have grown since. In 2000 we reran the old 1999 paper catalog, now much larger until it was totally obsolete in price and products. At that time it was decided that there were too many products and manufacturers and wholesalers to keep a printed catalog accurate. Figuring in cost or printing and mailing and the fact that everybody changes prices at different times made it all by impossible.   

    Each of us grew up on farms and had always had and still have cattle, horses, goats. Later adding sheep, llamas, poultry, pheasants, peafowl, turkeys and eventually tropical fish.  We will be adding saltwater fish as soon as we have space and are comfortable with our knowledge that we can do the animal and the buyer service. Anthony grew up around horses as Gerald Hill (uncle) breed and trained Walking Horses. Anthony however went towards Racking horses, Barrel and Pleasure horses in days past. Margaret, Gene and Anthony were also raised around Hogs, Milk and Beef Cattle and Chickens. Anthony still writes many articles on Poultry for the National Poultry News  which are sometimes picked up by other magazines and published on the Article Site.   

  In 2001 we opened our first brick & mortar store. It was located at 3118 Circle Drive but 6 months later decided to move it closer to where we live to 1057 Leadmine Road. Here we have room to build and add as we wish to. In  2004 we hope to have our KOI ponds and Farm Stocking fish open to the public. In the later part of 2003 we have been approved by the Zoning commission to build a new store. G&K Exotic Farms is owned by four people. It is a family owned, family run business. There are more of us that work here but the basic ones are the four. 

    G&K does many more interests such as Real Estate, Contracting building, Web Site building, Antique Cars & Trucks in addition to what you see us doing business with on this site. Margaret Goforth a real-estate Broker. Gene Goforth is one of the packers and representative and keeper of some of the animals and a retired Roadway Driver and Teamster. Denise Kimbrough tends to part of our flock and animals as well as accounting manager and sales manager. Denise is a full time Nurse. Annie Kimbrough is a flock maintainer and also helps with the floor layout at the store and cashier. Misty Henry is the assistant manager of the store. Misty will be leaving us to be a Teacher in 2004. Megan is Hard Of Hearing so she probably won't speak on the phone but will be glad to help those using sign language. Matt Henry is the one who fixes programs and computers for us and does other people's and company's Tech work. Anthony Kimbrough is the slave of the company and actual founder. Anthony works for UPS as a driver and is also a IBT member. Anthony is in charge of products purchased and tested. Anthony is also one of the Webmasters and Web Builders. 

   We are adding about 30,000 new products in addition to the already existing products. We have access to over 100,000 products so, if you don't see it ...just ask. The 865-674-0295 into the Kimbrough's home if no one can answer at the store. 865-674-6318 number that is their personal number. The number 865-674-0295. The main Fax number is 865-674-2870. 

  The store is only open on Weekends after 1:00 PM until close. This is subject to change in the near future to 6 days a week and after 8:00 pm on weekdays to the public. Emergency? Call we will meet you there for what you need.

  So know you know us. Why do we do this? What is our goals? It's simple. Out of love for animals either land or water. We still own over 1500 animals not counting fish. Eventually Anthony will do this after retirement or pass it along to the child (s) who wants to have it. Other than that I guess we're all workaholics.

   Preferred methods of contact is Telephone, Fax or in person. Email is read as time permits. 



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